One advantage of inflatable kayaks is that they can be transported by hand using a carry bag. This is the perfect type of kayak for those who do not have enough space in their garage to put a hardshell boat in. Since it does not require much space for storage, many outdoor enthusiasts find inflatables as their top choice from among all the types of kayaks. Inflatable kayaks are usually made of Hypalon, PVC, or polyurethane coated cloth. To inflate it, you can use a foot or hand pump that usually comes with the kayak, or for an easier way to inflate it, you can use an electric pump.

Many experts would recommend the use of inflatable kayaks for rivers and calm waters; however, more advanced models are able to withstand rocky waters, and some of these kayaks may include structures similar to those found in a folding kayak. New inflatable kayak designs made with such an internal frame can make the hull more rigid and sea worthy.

Some users of inflatable kayaks may question their stability, which is not something that they have to worry about since they are stable with a small turning radius. Aside from it being portable, it is also easy to master. The downside however is that it takes more effort for users to paddle. Compared to other types of kayaks, inflatables are usually wider and slower. So this is not really recommended for advanced users who are concerned about speed.

When shopping for an inflatable kayak, it would help a lot if you know what type of water you will be in most of the time. Some inflatables are designed to be more sea worthy and others are better for rivers and calm waters. There are some, however, that can perform in all types of water, but then again you may want something for a certain water type. The type of kayaking activity will also point you to the right direction when shopping for a kayak. You should know if you will be geared toward flatwater kayaking or maybe river kayaking where there may be rapids. Once you are able to know and determine such factors, it will be easier for you to narrow down your choices for inflatable kayaks.

Another factor that will help you when buying an inflatable kayak is by reading reviews. There are a lot of manufacturers and models, and reading reviews will greatly help in knowing the performance of each brand and model, and whether or not they are worth their value. The rule of thumb when reading reviews to consider the source of any positive or negative review before deciding that the kayak is the best one for you. Asking for expert’s advice is also a good way to find out more information about these kayaks. Representatives and sales people, for example, can often give you the sound opinion and good recommendations of good manufacturers and models for the inflatable kayak that you are looking for.