In the past, kayaks could only accommodate a single person. However, with its growing popularity as the most adventurous water sport, Tandem kayaks are here to give you a glamorous opportunity to enjoy kayaking with your spouse, child, friend or even your pet. It accommodates two people and it’s suitable for beginners or those who are a little nervous about being alone in water.

What even interesting, the second person doesn’t have to paddle they can just sit back and enjoy the thrilling and adventurous tour of water ways. They are much wider than the ordinary kayaks so stability and safety is guaranteed for you and your kayaking partner.

Sometimes back it would have been impossible for a family especially with small children to enjoy kayaking together. Today tandem kayaks has made it possible and yes we can enjoy it with our young kids. It has multiple seating arrangements that allow children to stay together and adults to keep an eye on them. Sitting arrangement is important so as to maintain harmony among the whole crew. It could be according to weight, practicality, preferences or experience. For instance, experienced person in rear can properly direct the kayak.

Team spirit is important in kayaking. It’s advisable to work as a team and maintain good communication with your partner at all times. Even though your partner may be in it just to enjoy the ride, when you paddle both of you then kayaking will be much simpler and quicker. Tandem kayak may be of different meaning to different people but you’ll agree with me it’s known universally to be truly versatile and fun water sport from small lake to ocean.