If you are new at snowboarding and want to learn how to do tricks then there are a few things that you need to know first. Above all else the main thing to remember is to be relaxed and have fun when practicing. After all, isn’t that why you snowboard in the first place? If you are familiar with skiing then you are at an advantage because your body is already used to the movements. If not, don’t worry because with a little practice you will soon master the slopes.

First thing is to know how to fall. Yes, that’s right, you need to fall correctly. Serious injuries and accidents happen when you are tense and try to break your fall. Think of how you feel when you slip on the ice and tense up as you try to prevent the fall. In reality, you would be better off, letting yourself fall. The key is to fall safely. So as you get on the snowboard, keep you knees slightly bent. A stiff stance will make you absorb any impacts. If you feel yourself losing control and falling, then just fall. You simply get up and try again.

Next, practice on a practice slope or hill. You may feel embarrassed by staying on the practice hill, but think of how you will feel if you are continually falling on the hill with all the experienced snowboarders. Practice making toe turns by lifting your heel upwards while pressing your toes to the snowboard. Beginning at the gently slope is time well spent. After you can turn and balance you need to practice stopping. To stop on a snowboard continue the turn until the snowboard is facing uphill.

Think of learning these very basics as your first trick. Because after all, they really are tricks of the sport. You can not get the other stunts down until you are comfortable and experienced in these basics. Fantastic, now that you have spent a little time getting ready, you should hit the snowboard slope. You could not ask for a better winter sport. Keep riding!