It is always said that if the things you do are to turn out right, then you must start on the right gear. Think of the truth behind this; even a car has to start on the right mechanism, lest it jams. When it comes to rock climbing, the same case applies. The most commonly used mechanism used is ensuring that one has the correct type of shoe before going out on this venture.

Rock climbing shoes nowadays come in many designs, all to make it possible for mountaineers to achieve their goals. The soles of the shoes are made of soft rubber, which is also smooth enough to protect the feet from sharp objects and other form of shock.

A rope and a carabineer also fall under the category of rock climbing gears that should be part and parcel of your kit. A rope will not only act as a safety equipment but will also make the task easier in a lot of ways. A D-shaped carabineer is made up of aluminum rings that can be opened to house the rope. Once the rings are closed, this gadget is quite safe, but to enhance the security, it is advisable that you make use of two of them.

In case you may not feel safe using a rope under great pressure, then you have an option of making use of tubular nylon, which does not stretch unduly even under great pressure. A climbing harness is also something else that you will require. It has a nylon belt which is quite strong. Moreover, it makes a person feel very light because the weight gets concentrated on the legs rather than the waist. Other items are belayers, which stop you from falling.