Looking for adventure on your vacation, then look no further than New Zealand, which offers so many ways to get that excitement going and the adrenalin flowing. There are so many different adventure trips, I chose to mention only, what I consider, the top ones.

Bungy Jumping began on Pentecost Island, Vanatua for religious ceremonies to bring a good harvest. Divers tied vines to their ankles before leaping from a tall structure.

It started in New Zealand at Karawarau Bridge, 141 feet above the Karawarau River, and continues, to the present day, all over the country. With only a cord tied around the ankles, jumpers can jump – forward, backward, spin, somersault, jump alone or in tandem. They can opt to bob above the water, touch it or be immersed, a boat picks them up and brings them to land. What is heard over and over as they jump – “oh my god”.

Shotover Jet, the ultimate jet boat experience, which I found the courage to try, a few times. All passengers wear life jackets, the handrails are heated and the seats padded to assure the passengers comfort and safety. Hang on tight for the breathtaking ride through dramatic narrow canyons, skimming past rocky outcrops, twisting and turning at unbelievable speeds, and the ultimate sudden 360 degree spins.

Sky Tower, Auckland’s tallest structure, has 2 adrenalin adventures. Take the controlled base jump, Sky Walk, from atop the tower. Wearing a special full body harness, attached to a wire and descender cable, the jump takes only minutes, straight down, to a smooth landing, on the red dot, on the raised platform, in the square below. The other option is Sky Walk,. Walkers are fitted with a harness and overhead safety lines, for the walk at the top of the tower, which has no handrails only air on either side. The view of the surrounding area is spectacular, for those able to take a look as this is not a place for the faint of heart.

Climb Auckland’s Harbor Bridge, another exhilarating adventure, with the added views of Auckland and the waters below. Each participant wears an individual harness, attached to a static line, and accompanied by a local guide. While traversing the walkways, 200 feet above the sea, your guide will fill you in with the Myths and Legends of this massive landmark.

In this country, where adventure is second nature, there is a lot more adventurous trips than mentioned here. If you like that rush, this is the place to visit.