Basketball is a game that requires many skills. A player not only needs to be fast on their feet but also have a quick mind, because a game could change at any moment. They also need excellent hand eye coordination to not only hold on to the ball but also be able to pass it from player to player. Finally, a player needs keen depth perception to not only be able to sink a basket but also to realize where the ball is going to go next after a basket is tried. These different skills can best be mastered through practice, the following free basketball drills can help players become better at all these different skills that lead to a successful game.

One of the most effective free basketball drills is called the “Rattle” drill, which teaches players what to do when the ball changes hands in the middle of a game. The drill involves players starting in a defensive stance then a coach will shout go and the players must move their feet as fast as they can. During this time the gym must be filled with yelling and talking from other players to simulate the noise of a game. While all this is going on players must watch their coach because at any moment he points towards a side of the gym and all players must face that way. Then turn when a coach points another way all while keeping their feet in constant motion. To make sure that the players are turning in the right direction, they should yell as they reach the position that the coach has pointed to.

Another of the good free basketball drillsis the “Possession” drill. This drill emphasizes ball-handling and protecting the ball. It starts with gathering all the players at the baseline with everyone having a ball. One player stands at half-court without a ball, this person is known as the “possessed” player. Then other players advanced on the possessed player and try to go from half-court back to the baseline without losing the ball to the possessed player. The possessed player can knock it out of bounds, or steal the ball to make it theirs. Every player that loses the ball then becomes the possessed while the original player must sit out.

The “Horseshoe Passing” drill is an excellent and simple free basketball drill that helps players practice both shooting and passing. Players create two groups on either side of the key at the baseline and line them up. If the first player has a ball the player behind them does not and etc. all the way down the line. Then the coach stands in the middle of the free throw line. The player in the first line makes a v-cut around the coach and calls for the ball from the other player in the second group. The second player passes the ball to the first player and the first player makes a shot and also rebound the ball. The first player then passes the ball to the player behind the second player. This continues on until the end of the line.

Free basketball drills are a great way to maintain and improve player’s skill. These three different drills will help players with the basic fundamentals but also players’ needs specific drills that will help if the team has certain weaknesses that can be exploited during games. So coaches should not forget to ascertain their team’s problems before choosing drills that will work best for their team.