Cheap insurance: A young driver is certainly not the most favored person in auto insurance. The younger a driver is, the higher the risk associated with insuring such a person. A teenager will cost much more than a twenty-five year old. To make matters worse, if this young driver is male the cost of it goes even higher. Here are things that will lower your rates dramatically…

But first, why such high rates once a driver is young? A young driver is usually less experienced than an older one. This makes them have a poorer response in road situations. In addition, younger persons are generally less safety conscious as a group than their older folks. These two combine to make them such a high auto insurance risk. Teens, for example, account for more crashes than all other age groups combined!

Now to things you can do to get cheap car insurance as a young driver. It would have been best if you could just get older. But, for that, we’ll have to let time take its course. Do these and you’ll get massive savings…

1) Take courses in defensive driving. Defensive driving courses that are recognized by your auto insurance provider will definitely lower your rate.

2) Use a smaller car. Avoid sports cars and cars that fall into “expensive to insure” category. If in doubt, ask. But a general rule is: Big cars, expensive cars, sports cars, cars with a high theft rate are much more expensive to insure.

3) Make sure you buy a car that has safety features. There are cars that have a high safety rating. These will help you get affordable auto insurance.

4) You can be on your parents’ car insurance policy. However, for this to work you’ll have to live with them and have your car registered in their names.

5) Get only A’s and B’s in school. A good grade is often rewarded by companies.

6) Reduce your mileage as much as possible. The more you drive the higher your risk to the car insurance provider.

7) Get quotes from reputable quotes and comparison sites. This is the no-brainer way of ensuring you get cheap car insurance. If you really want the lowest cost on it, visit at least three of these sites (Just make sure you input the same information in all three sites). It will take you a total of only 15 minutes but will save you a few hundred dollars.