If we classify broadly, there are three main basketball positions in a Basketball game: guard, forward and center. These positions are further classified more specifically depending on the role designated to each position to make the total of five positions. These are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. The responsibilities of each position depends from team to team, however there are few basic nature of these positions which remains same for all the teams. For professional teams the coaches will simply announce the number associated with the respective position. Therefore to know the game and positions in depth memorize the following serial numbers associated with each position.

1. Point Guard

2. Shooting Guard

3. Small Forward

4. Power Forward

5. Center

The first two basketball positions are backcourt

1. Point Guard: This basketball position is governed by the most powerful player of the team. He is the captain of the team and an efficient ball handler. He increases the performance of the team and is responsible to give assists. The height of a point guard is the shortest, somewhere around 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches tall.

2. Shooting Guard: The basketball position number 2 or Shooting guard position is allotted to the player who is the best shooter in the team. An ideal shooting guard should be able to hit 20 foot high jump shots. He is required to have a good ball handling and passing skills as well. Shooting guard should be able to make passes from and beyond the three point line. Typical shooting guard height ranges from 6 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 7 inches.

Next three basketball positions are termed as frontcourt

3. Small Forward: This is the most versatile positions of all. The player desired for this position should be lean, quick and short. The responsibilities are the mix of power forward and shooting guard positions and includes passing, shooting, rebounding and defending. With the similarity in the roles the small forward and shooting guard basketball positions can be interchanged if required.

4. Power Forward: This is known as the position number 4 and also commonly termed as the big forward as the player appointed for this position is tall and strong team member. In the offence play, he can do post up with his back facing the basket or can do medium jump shots. In defense play, he covers under the basket zone or does man to man defense against the opposing team power forward. His defending and rebounding has to be vivacious and mostly concentrated near the basket.

5. Center Forward: This one is known as the number 5 position and is secured by the tallest team member. The player nearing to 7 feet is usually assigned this place. This basketball position is also referred to as the “Pivot” and the action area of this player is near the baseline. The set role of this position is back to the basket. Excellent blocking shots and rebounding abilities are a must.

Thus we have hereby discussed all the basketball positions and the skill set required for each position. The fate of the game solely depends on the judgment regarding the right position offered to the right player.

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