Do you want to know why anonymous web surfing has become a necessity nowadays? It is because there are ways and means now for Web-based entities to get hold of your personal information such as your IP address, and this can be a threat to your safety online. If you are seeing spam mails in your email and wonder how these “companies” were able to get hold of your email address, the answer would only point to the fact that some individuals and companies have become really clever and creative just to get information from you.

If you want to surf anonymously then you should find a way to be able to change your IP. Your IP address or Internet Protocol is your unique identification on the Web; it is a set of numbers that varies for every computer, and is assigned by the ISP.

Hackers, which operate largely on the Internet these days, make use of an IP address to gain access to an unlimited amount of information from users who were unfortunate enough to have themselves exposed to these unscrupulous individuals. Hackers could be blamed for all those spam mails you are getting.

While there are good reasons why sites need to know your IP address, the dangers are still present. Google, for example, needs this information so it can determine your location in order to give search results that will be relevant to the region you belong to. But, when your IP address falls into the hands of the “bad guys” then this could lead to some problems.

Fortunately, anonymous web surfing can now be made possible with the advancements in technology. You can change your IP so that others will not be able to see it and will not be able to obtain information from you. Essentially, when you surf anonymously, your identity will be protected.

When you change your IP, you can achieve anonymous web surfing and this will hinder malicious online users from doing anything that will put you at risk of identity theft, among others. With highly reliable programs to mask your Internet Protocol address, you can be sure that no matter how hard hackers try to get information from you, they won’t be able to.

You can install a program to change your IP. Once you have completed the installation, you can then start to surf, chat, or email and not have to worry about your safety online.